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Retirees Association of

Suffolk Community College

Officers and Committee Members

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Executive Council

Maureen Clinton, President

Marilyn McCall, Vice President and Assistant Newsletter Editor

Regina McEneaney, Secretary

Mary Donohue, Treasurer

Terry Blanz, Member-at-large

Doris Stratmann, Member-at-large

Marie Hanna, Member-at-large

Richard Macy,  Immediate Past President

Robert Stone, Newsletter Editor

Peter Herron, Membership Committee Chair and Website Manager

One Member-at-large position vacant.

Membership Committee

Peter Herron, Membership Committee Chair

Doris Stratmann

Publication Committee

Robert Stone, Chair and Newsletter Editor

Marilyn McCall, Assistant Newsletter Editor

Judy Stone, Assistant Newsletter Editor

Peter Herron

Richard Macy

Activities Planning Committee

Marie Basileo

Terry Blanz

Joyce Gabriele